A site plan is a bird's eye view of a lot. Site plans show the boundaries and dimensions of the property and the main structures found within the property such as buildings, paths, landscape, swimming pools, etc. A site plan is also called a plot plan.

A Site plan may be needed to obtain a permit for fence installation, swimming pool installation, and other new proposed structures. A site plan may also be needed to obtain a permit for a new child care center, car dealership, restaurant, and other new businesses.

USA SITE PLAN does not provide stamped plans. Engineers and Surveyors provide stamped plans. Engineers and Surveyors typically charge more than $1,000 for a stamped site plan. If your local permit department requires a stamped plan contact an Engineer or a Surveyor.

Site plans are emailed next day for orders placed Monday to Thursday. Orders placed on Friday will be emailed on over the weekend.

Sizes available include 8.5x11, 11x17, and 24x36. We will also plot in custom sizes.

PDF files are included with all the site plans. DWG file extension costs an additional $20. DWG file extensions are useful to Engineers and other professionals.

If needed we can edit your site plan. Please let us know how we can be of help. We strive to deliver excellent customer service.

We obtain data from a variety of sources including government websites, mapping companies, and Google Maps. It is not necessary to come to your home in order to draw a site plan.

Setbacks are included in our Standard Site Plans and Premium Site Plans.

For a Basic Site Plan the price is $99. For a Standard Site Plan the price is $119. Premium Site Plan costs $159.

USA SITE PLAN covers all addresses in the United States with the exception of California. We do not draft plans for addresses located in the State of California.

We offer other features at the customer's request. Choose Premium Site Plan and let us know what feature you would like added. We will add your request as long as the information is either provided by you or is publicly available online.

Besides Site Plans we offer other drafting services such as Elevation Plans, Floor Plans, and Subdivision.

Setbacks limit how close you can build to the property boundaries, roads, septic systems, wetlands, and shorelines. Setback standards can be obtained from your local zoning office

All that is needed for a site plan is an address. Should you have additional documents to provide it will be used to draft the site plan

A rough hand sketch with dimensions is needed to draft a floor plan.

Photos of the four sides of your property is necessary to draft an elevation plan.